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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Immigration Administration of China has announced an adjustment of the current entry policy. From September 28,foreign visitors holding valid Chinese residence permits in three categories work-Z Visa, personal matters - S Visa and family reunion - Q Visa can enter China without reapplying for a China Visa.

If your residence permit already expired after March 28,and your purpose of visiting China remains the same, you can submit the overdue permit and related materials to apply for a new China Visa.

China Discovery will still focus on and update the visa and entry policy of China for you! A China Visa Application Form is an essential requirement for your China Visa Application together with your valid original passport and other necessary supporting documents. To ensure the application proceeds normally, there are specific requirements for the form applicants should follow. Meanwhile, visitors from certain countries and qualified for China Visa Waiver Policy can enter and visit China without visa application, but still need to go through custom clearance procedures according to relevant regulations.

Each applicant have to complete the online Visa Application Form of China correctly and truthfully. Please note that a completed application form Does Not guarantee you will be granted a Chinese Visa. Note: The above is only one page of the form. Hand written application form and old versions are NOT accepted. Applicants must offer all information required in the application form. The last section is to review the above information and make a declaration. Below are 5 major steps helps you easily and efficiently to finish the visa form:.

Fill in the all sections of the form clearly, completely and truly, and upload a qualified photosave and submit the form, keep your application number.

Bring 2 right photos to service center if you upload unsuccessfully. Download and Print out the completed form, sign on the 1st and 8th page and write down the date.

Walk in submission is not accepted unless you meet requirements of recognized exceptions. Bring the downloaded China Visa Application Form, confirmation letter and all required documents to visit the service center at appointed time. If you apply for China Visa at visa office of Chinese Embassy and Consulate General directly, you also need to complete the online application form on the official website of the authority, and print out the application form, confirmation page, and related personal forms.

And submit your passport, signed forms mentioned above, and other supporting documents straightforward to the Chinese Embassy and Consulate. Embassies or Consulates in some countries allow walk-in submission while other requires pre-book appointment.

If the children are under 18, the parents or lawful guardian must declare and sign on the form with related proof documents. Once is submitted, it can not be modified. Any false, misleading or incomplete information may result in denial of the visa or refusal of entry into China. Once you start a visa application form online, there will create a Application ID. Remember to write down or print the numbers, so you can retrieve you completed application form, download and print it and make an appointment online.

You can fill in the form, download and print it for submission. To ensure your submission goes smoothly at CVASC, each applicant should book an appointment, make it early in peak business season. Read different types of Chinese Visa to figure out which kind of visa you should apply for. Determine if you are suitable applicants for each visa type, by judging your purpose of visiting is for travel, business, work, transit, family reunion and etc or not. According to various visa policy, applicants meet relevant requirements can submit China Visa application at Chinese Embassy, Diplomatic and Consular Missions or special ports of entry.

The processing time differs from visa types. Normally, it takes about 4 to 5 business days for applicant to get a China Visa, and the accurate collection date will be noted on the pick-up slip. Check carefully the visa type, duration of stay, number of entries if they are issued correctly or not, after getting your passport back.

Double check the validity when you plan to enter China, otherwise you will be denied entry. China Discovery is a professional and experienced travel companion who offers high-value and worry-free tours for you. To fulfill your dream tour to China, we not only design ideal itinerary covering sightseeing, dining, transfer and hotel, but also will provide you useful Invitation Letter to help you obtain Chinese Visa, even customize a China Visa-free Tour in BeijingShanghaiXianChengduHangzhou and more available destinations if you meet relevant visa requirements.There are different ways to obtain a Chinese Visa according to your visa types and visiting destinations in China.

Nations qualified relevant requirements can also apply China Visa on Arrival and China Visa Free Transit in specific ports of entry in China upon arrival. With required passport, supporting documents and visa fees, applicants need to follow several steps to obtain a Chinese Visa. The most important requirements are basic documents, including your passport and a completed visa application form.

And supporting documents relate to your itinerary like flight ticket and hotel booking record and visiting schedule and etc are also very helpful. The photos should be frontal bareheaded photos taken within past 6 months, in light color background, in size of 48mm x 33m 2x2 square inch. Citizens applying in 40 countries or regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and North America are required to complete the application form and upload digital photo online, and book a appointment to submit at a China Visa Application Service Center.

Fill in the China Visa Application Form in latest version and fill in necessary information. Print out the form, sign and make a declaration in the end. Appointment is required to for submission to all visa centers, most embassies and consulates, but NOT required to the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in US.

Tips : Handwritten application form is not acceptable. If the application form is completed by another person on the applicant's behalf, please fill out his or her information. Find the China Visa Application Service Centeror visa office of Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulates that serves your state or where you reside, and then submit your Visa Application Form and all the documents you prepared.

chinese visa application download

Select whether you need a urgent visa service and postal service or not. If you can not make the submission in person, you may entrust others to submit the signed application form and required materials.

Learn How to Fill the Chinese Visa Application Form

For submission at Chinese Embassy and Consualtes, you can return to the visa office to get the passport, visa and documents back, after tracking and noticed that your application is processed. Upon collection, you have to pay the visa fees.

You can pick up the documents and make the payment in person or let a agent help you. The embassies and consulates do not offer mail-back service. For submission at China Visa Application Service Center, you have to pay visa fees and service charges when submit materials.

Keep the pick-up slip and collect all the documents after noticed your application is processed. You can also choose postal service while doing the submission.

China Visa Fee varies from different visa type, number of entry, duration of your stay, and nationality for each applicants. If you apply for a Chinese Visa, you will pay for the visa fee to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate and service charge to the visa office.

Express and Rush Services for speeding up visa process need extra charges if you request such service. Application to China Visa Application Service Centers, applicants still need to pay extra service fees. Acceptable visa payment includes money order, cashier's check, or Credit Card Visa or Mastercard only. The above regular visa fee for third countries may be charged differently, please check updated fees in official website.

Applicants must pay the visa application fee upon collection. Currently, No China visa application online service is available.

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Based on authority agreements, applicants in certain countries are required to complete electronic visa application form online, make pre-booking appointment online, and submit application to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in your state or residence.

For other applications e. You can submit by yourself, or through a friend, a visa service agent. Just walk in during the business hours, a pre-booking appointment is no need. Individual is no need to come to the embassy unless the officer request a interview and no main-in, mail-back and online application is provided. If you submit postal application, you should locate the right visa center according to service areas, and mail all required documents to the visa center though Express Post and registered Post authorized by Australian official.

It usually takes about 10 working days for mail application, and no rush service is available. For some applicants, it takes less time and simple procedures to get Chinese Visa at entry of ports upon arrival.Step 1: Read the application requirements carefully and collect all required documents.

Answers App. China Visa Application. Applicants of other countries please check the embassy website. Single, Double and Multiple Entry 2. Validity Enter Before 3. China Visa Types. Talent R Issued to high-level personnel and much-needed highly talented people.

China Visa Exemption. Chinese Residence Permit. How to Apply for a China Visa. We both have had residence permits for many years which are renewed annually provided her contract of employment is renewed.

She is now in China I am in the UK.

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My residence permit expired in July Her employer arranged a PU letter which was sent to me in early September and I was told to go to the embassy in England to apply for a visa M then they suggested once in China I could apply to renew my Residence Permit. More recently at the end of September the Chinese Government said that for those with expired Resident Permits they could go to the Chinese embassy in their countries and ask to renew the Residence Permit.

The communication said to take your passport, show the expired Residence Permit and provide the supporting documentation to the embassy and they will renew the Residence Permit. Can you please help me to clarify the following: Which of the two types of request shall I make: i. Shall I apply for a M visa with my PU letter or shall I apply for the renewal of my Residence Permit if this is the case — what supporting documentation do they refer to?

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Does it matter which approach I take?. Is one approach easier or cheaper than the other? Please note I asked this question by email to the company that they say we should approach for visas but they do not respond. I have navigated their websites but they are not clear about and the format and information on the website is very difficult to understand Thank you for any comments and advise you may provide.

I have a 10 year multiple visit L visa with a 90 day duration which expires Oct My wife has a Chinese passport and green card and she wants to go to China to visit family and take care of personal business by the end of Nov.Click here to download application formwhich must be completely filled, signed and dated.

One form per applicant. NOTE: Please fill in visa form using a fountain pen ink pen. Blue or black colour is acceptable. Ballpen is prohibited. Try and complete the form yourself. If someone is completing the form on your behalf, ask them to accurately fill in their details including country code for the phone number.

It is very important that you complete the form accurately and truthfully. Any failure to do so may result in your visa being delayed or even rejected, which can adversely affect your placement. See reasons for Chinese visa rejection. The visa form has a couple of quirks so please do pay careful attention. If you make any errors on the form you will be required to fill it in again, so please try to fill it in correctly first time.

Two color photos, with a plain white background, taken by a professional passport photo service. Photos printed on regular papers are not accepted. You may print this PDF to bring with you when having your photo taken. China Visa — Photo Requirements Two color photos, with a plain white background, taken by a professional passport photo service.China Visa Application Form V.

China Visa Application Form

We provide both PDF and E form version. You can save the E form version in the cloud, then retrieve and modify anywhere there is internet connection, then download it into PDF form once finalized. The information you filled on the E form is strictly for visa application purpose. It won't be sold or used for any other purpose. You may use the form, even if you don't intend to use our service. V E Form. China Visa Application Form V is the most current form.

V E form is saved on the server, you may modify, download into PDF and print it from any computer that has internet access. Highly recommended. Quick link to retrieve your saved V. Extended PDF form. Download it into your desktop first, then using Adobe Reader to locate and open the file not opening it in your web browseryou may be able to save the form content once completed. For best result, please use Adobe Reader version 9 or above. Please fill out the application form on your computer, print a hard copy and sign it.

Hand written form is not acceptable. If you are not able to type the form on computer, we can help you to type it up, additional fee will apply. Please check for omission and error before you print the form. All fields in are mandatory. Incomplete form will be rejected. Change or correction is not allowed on the printed form.

chinese visa application download

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New Online Chinese Visa Form (Version 2019)

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chinese visa application download

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Updated and Downloadable Visa Application Forms of China 2020/2021

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